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We believe our drivers are experienced professionals with years of experience.

Taxi drivers are willing to help or advise at any time, they will transport you to all destinations You request. The vehicle is free to be set up. Most vehicles are above-standard equipped, including air conditioning.

Our services are available throughout the city of Pilsen, as well as throughout the Czech Republic. Our drivers always come decently dressed, of course.

Travelling with us is extremely reliable, we guarantee all employees.

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Airport transport

Are you planning a holiday or business trip? Don't forget to book a taxi. We will arrange a quick and convenient transport to the airport Brno, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Munich and others. 

If your flight is subject to regular check-in, please indicate the time of arrival in the requested time. The driver himself watches to wait for you at the right time and change the landing time. If you do not have luggage or are planning to refrain from the airport, please give the required time 
and this information at the time of booking (either orally or in the driver's note).

Safe transportation of children

Do you not have a chance to transport your child in time for example to the ring of interest? You will solve it with us!

We know that your children are the most important thing you have, so we approach your children with the utmost responsibility. As soon as we bring the child to the destination, we offer the parents a confirmation SMS that the child has been imported and passed in order.

We offer the use of certified safety car seats to your children. This fact must be ordered in advance.

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Taxi Plzeň Radiotaxi

Price list

Card payment

Pay for a taxi using a credit card, in all taxis RADIOTAXI can be paid by credit cards. 
So you don't have to look for ATMs or count your finances, you just need to pay for your payment card by simply paying via a portable payment terminal in all our cars. 

Bezhotovostní platby se stávají po celém světě stále častějšími možnými prostředky platby, nemusíte u sebe nosit velké obnosy v hotovosti, ale vše můžete hradit pomocí své platební karty. Za platbu platební kartou naše taxislužba neúčtuje žádné poplatky.platební metody

taxi služba platba kartou

Wedding service

Potřebujete odvézt svatební hosty a chybí Vám vhodný vozový park? Nabízíme Vám možnost pronájmu komfortních taxi vozů s řidiči. Čisté a nazdobené vozy s řidiči Vám budou profesionálně nápomocni od prvního okamžiku.Tyto zážitky ještě umocní kvalitní a prestižní vozy MERCEDES BENZ. Pro tuto slavnostní příležitost ve Vašem životě Vám rádi budeme nápomocni s dopravou na svatební obřad a zajistíme Vám dopravní servis po celou dobu Vašeho nejdůležitějšího dne.

Staff discounts

If you own a company or run a restaurant, bar or an other business in Pilsen and if you want to expand and improve your services, there is a possibility of cooperation with our taxi service. Personal driver can be used for various occasions, both for members of high management companies, as well as for everyday life. Our taxi cars are always in perfect condition, ready to meet your exacting requirements. Our drivers are ready to drive even the most difficult trails, both in time and terrain. They are always be able to stop or change destionation according to your request. There are no obstacles for us. We are always ready to fulfill your wishes.

Drink & Drive

If you have decided to drink, you are risking losing a driving licence and a fine or you can leave your car at the mercy of fate and take a taxi to get home. If you have decided to abstain, you have several options: order a glass of soda, of lemonade or a cup of coffee. We offer a service that will solve your dilemma - you can have a drink without fear and limitations and you can be sure that you get safely and smoothly home with your own car.

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